A VALLEYS primary school is celebrating the end of the summer term with a good report from Estyn inspectors.

Crumlin High Level Primary School was praised for pupils’ positive attitudes and engaging well with learning throughout the school, although its prospects for improvement were described as 'adequate' compared to 'unsatisfactory', 'good' or 'excellent'.

Pupils’ behaviour in and around the school was found to be very good, with older pupils showing a caring attitude to the younger ones and looking after them on the playground.

Teaching and learning was described as “good” with relationships between teachers and pupils praised as being warm, collaborative and mutually respectful.

But inspectors said the school’s processes for delivering improvement lacks focus, and not enough use is made of quantified targets to enable clear monitoring of progress.

The inspectors said the school maintains positive relationships with most parents through regular consultation meetings, celebrations and briefings about new approaches to learning.

Head teacher Cathy Mansell said: “The board of governors are delighted with the report because it reflects the breadth, depth and quality of education provided at the school. I’d like to congratulate the efforts and dedication of everyone involved in the school.”

Inspectors tasked the school with improving the performance of boys, particularly in English; improving attendance; providing more opportunities for pupils to develop their speaking and writing skills in Welsh; and increasing the effectiveness of planning for improvement by setting precise, measurable targets.