A DESPERATE dog owner is appealing for donations to help her paralysed border collie recover after an accident.

Roberta Saddler, of Crumlin, is aiming to raise £5,000 after her beloved pooch Ace was injured.

The nine-year-old damaged his spine last month when he was out for a walk with Mrs Saddler’s husband Brian.

Mrs Saddler said Ace had jumped to catch a ball and did a full somersault, before landing on his side and damaging his spine.

Because of the seriousness of Ace’s injury, he was transferred to the vet hospital in Langford, Bristol for an MRI scan.

Now he can’t walk on his hind legs, with vets saying there is a 50-50 chance he will make a full recovery.

And he will need a ‘doggie’ wheelchair to get around and would need to have his urine expressed daily.

Mrs Saddler said: “Ace is having a very difficult time of it. He has always been a very fit and active dog.

“After much soul searching and many reassuring conversations with the vet, who assured us that living life as essentially a disabled dog would not be cruel to a fit and happy dog like Ace, or be selfish on our part, despite the possibility that the paralysis could spread and the risk that he might not fully recover we decided to wait and see if time really is a good healer.”

However, the family have since found out their pet insurance does not cover any of the complimentary therapies that Ace will need on top of his current vet treatment - including hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. And Mrs Saddler has said she may even have to remortgage the house to cover therapy bills.

Although Ace is now at home, the couple are hoping generous fellow dog lovers can help them have a merry Christmas by helping them with costs for his rehabilitation.

Mrs Saddler said: “There are a number of facilities and equipment capable of providing this type of rehabilitation.

“But the additional cost for such treatment and equipment such as a canine sacral implant and a doggie wheelchair is extending beyond our current abilities, especially after spending so much on the vet bills already.”

“We are reaching out to the hearts of dog lovers everywhere in the hope that we all get a very merry Christmas,”she added.

She said: “Ace is showing tremendous promise and we truly believe this is the answer to our prayers.”

Donate at goo.gl/QNSLaR