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    BassalegCountyFan wrote:
    The great irony of this ridiculous policy is getting enforced by people who have plenty of spare rooms. Take Ian Duncan Smith. Why don't we tax him for the spare rooms in his wife's hereditary mansion? The truth is - as IDS and his tory cronies know - that there is a severe lack of council housing in Britain. If the stock was there, perhaps people would move. The fact is it isn't, and nothing seems to be being done about this. The idea that people would be able to waltz from house to house- which the tory party apparently want us to believe - is absolute rubbish. Have they seen the waiting lists these days? What we need is a government that's prepared to invest in housing. After the war, a great council-house building scheme changed Britain for the better. The country had just come out of a terrible conflict, was in economic dire straits, yet the 1945-51 Labour government - in my view the greatest this country has ever had -turned things around. People had healthcare, and a good quality home to live in. Less people hung around on street corners, school standards improved as children had a better home environment, and the slum conditions of the 30's were a thing of the past. This shows that it can be done - the country was in a far worse state in 1945 than it is 2013. IDS and his cronies seem to want us to go back to the old days of 'rabbit hutches' for the poor. It's not on, and the sooner this shabby circus of a government get the boot the better.
    Presumably, the mansion already attracts additional taxes in the form of top rate Council Tax charges. As a hereditary property there would also be inheritance tax payable when it changes hands.

    IDS and his ilk are net contributors to the nation's finances. The same cannot be said for the vast majority of people complaining about this reduction in Housing Benefit allowance."
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Shame on you

I DOUBT the Monmouth MP David Davies would know an impact if it hit him in the face, I see he is on the committee of MPs investigating the effects of the spare bedroom subsidy, clearly living in an extremely nice part of Wales doesn’t reflect the poorest parts of Wales and the effect it is having on a very lot of people.

But let’s see if he can give the people of Wales a straight answer to this question. The spare bedroom subsidy is to allow those in larger properties to move to smaller ones to alleviate the overcrowding of several thousand people living in cramped accommodation and we hear from other Tory MPs of children doing homework in corridors; now we hear because of the Tory policy on spare bedrooms there seem to be three-bedroom houses going begging in some parts of the country because no-one can afford them. I would like to know from the MP, will these people having been offered a three-bedroom house or a suitable property for their needs and they turn down the offer will this government impose sanctions on them as well as they are doing to the disabled and to all the other people who can’t move, and I’ll bet the answer is no, shame on you and your government.

C Davey Dylan Avenue Blackwood

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