THIS year’s autumn statement is classic Osborne, full of the usual denials and misinformation that has come to characterise this awful Chancellor. The Institute of Fiscal Studies has run a coach and horses through Osborne’s autumn statement pointing out that there is a whopping £12 billion black hole in his sums, which will mean further tax rises or more cuts in essential services. They also point out that due to wages falling so far behind the cost of living, that for every year Cameron has been in number 10 we are £1.600 worse off.

This should surprise no one as this minority government made it clear that the damage inflicted on our country by incompetent and greedy bankers would be paid for by the weakest, while Cameron doles out generous tax breaks to the very people who caused the crash. At this years London Mayor’s banquet, while sat on a gold throne Cameron declared austerity for forever, with a goal to shrink the state to the same size as it was in 1948, a truly deplorable ambition.

It is interesting that in a time of self-imposed austerity Chancellor Osborne can find £9 million pounds of taxpayers money to refurbish number 11 Downing street, clearly we are not all in this together.

Cllr Nigel Dix Montclaire Ave Blackwood