I PLEAD forgiveness for being more than sceptical at the timing of the announcement by CCBC that they have delivered an underspend of £4.5 million. Having listened to many residents of the Western Valley and a number from the Bedwas and Trethomas areas over recent years, all have agreed this local authority has done little for our areas. To add insult to injury this CCBC is now embarking upon consultation on “proposed changes to school admission arrangements in 2015/16” in the Islwyn West Area.

This situation, whereby an authority in its waning days embarks upon a major decision making process only to foist upon the incoming body a system that doubtful would be fit for purpose under the new arrangement. By what right is this allowed to happen and continue happening? Surely, it must be for the new organisation to make such decisions and take the resultant responsibility. Let us hope the new organisation even by title alone will reflect the area it covers and administers as a whole and not one locale reflected in its name.

Nigel Pearce Risca