CONTINUING the theme of supporting Newport County, there was an interesting scenario this week with star player Aaron O’Connor taking to Twitter to lambast fans criticising the team on the messageboard.

A more 21st century tale you’d struggle to find, but I think O’Connor would be better served to just bite his lip and say nothing.

After all, fans’ forums are designed to do exactly what they say on the tin, allow discussion between supporters who are more than entitled to their view, ignorant as it can often be.

Ultimately though, posters need to know that the chances are EVERY player they write about will read what is written.

Footballers might pretend otherwise, but they only work about three hours a day and have lots of spare time and as such tend to at least stay in touch with online comments and opinions.

But posters shouldn’t feel the need to suppress their views because of that.

Indeed, I found the nuseating and hypocritical "all the messageboard are idiots, we love you Aaron," response on Twitter to be disingenuous as players are very often criticised and often defamed on social media as well.

For me, none of this is as serious or worthy of comment as actually booing your own team on a Saturday afternoon and, frankly, a player as good and in-form as O’Connor should be able to laugh it off.

But the next time you’re feeling blue about your team and start bashing away at your keyboard, remember that the player you’re moaning about will probably see it. So at least try and be constructive!