I’VE expressed my annoyance before about a small minority of modern sports fans whose first and only inclination is ALWAYS to fire an angry online post moaning.

Well, it was all too apparent this week.

We now live in a culture where you’ll find there is an element that want to pour scorn on anything and by no means is this a football issue.

The comments section of our website and the reaction to the appointment of Dean Ryan at Newport Gwent Dragons is a good case in point.

If you want another bigger example, check out the comments section on any website carrying the story of Bradley Wiggins being Sports Personality of the Year. Or look on Twitter, ever.

Anyway, Ryan, to a total rugby halfwit like myself, seems like an interesting appointment, a been-there-and-done-it sort with fresh eyes and presumably great contacts.

He should break up the status quo at the region, apparently with the board ready to offer him carte blanche in terms of his authority.

So isn’t that a good thing? Isn’t this a positive move?

They can’t fix every problem in one foul swoop can they?

Yet our website was crammed with predictable doom and gloom about it “not being enough” and pointing out the myriad of other issues that are holding back the region.

Isn’t that exactly what Ryan is coming on board to address? To add his expertise?

Praise the Dragons for doing something bold, don’t attack them simply because there’s still plenty of work to do.