GWENT rugby clubs are to send a letter to Welsh Rugby Union chief executive Roger Lewis expressing their concern about the way the sport is being run in Wales.

The move has been prompted by talk of downgrading Newport Gwent Dragons to development status but the Argus understands from sources that the state of regional rugby is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is a growing feeling of discontent and clubs want to be more involved in decision making when it comes to rugby in Wales.

They feel that they are being marginalised and that everything is geared towards the international game and developing players rather than helping clubs to thrive.

But the drafting of a letter, which has not yet been sent, was prompted by Lewis’ comments in the Sunday Times in December stating that it is a possibility that at least one of the regions could be downgraded to development status.

He said: “We must ensure a far better Welsh performance in the Heineken Cup and one of the things we should be looking at is funding one or two Welsh regions to a greater extent.

“Instead of an equality of funding, we could move towards a situation where not everyone is equal.”

District A contains 47 clubs in the east of Wales – the biggest in the country – and it was agreed at a meeting last week to express their concerns to the chief executive.

They want to stress their opposition to any moves to cut the amount of funding that the Union gives to the Dragons.

And a vote of no confidence and an emergency general meeting of the WRU remains a possibility given that it could be forced by 29 of its member clubs.