THE Professional Regional Game Board is heading for the rocks – just two months after its establishment was heralded as “a landmark moment in the history of Welsh rugby”.

The Welsh Rugby Union and the four regions formed the PRGB in December to oversee the professional game.

It came in the wake of a report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers that recommended more collaboration between all parties in light of financial struggles.

But any hope of the new board providing swift solutions to rugby’s woes in Wales appear to have been dashed.

The Argus understands that the regions and the Union are unable to agree on an agenda – leaving the PRGB in danger of just slowly disappearing.

There was a list of eight general objectives when its formation was announced yet, predictably, there are now problems when it comes to the big issue of Union control and how much they pay for it.

With everyone coming at the problem from different directions and unable to find common ground, the PRGB appears to be doomed to failure.

At the December announcement WRU chief executive Roger Lewis said: “The formation of the new Professional Regional Game Board is a landmark moment in the history of Welsh rugby.

“By working together, we will create a unity of purpose for Welsh professional rugby which will be underpinned by collective management, enhanced with greater central resources and structured to ensure effective decision-making.

“The PRGB will play a significant role in helping regional rugby make real progress, both on and off the field, in the years ahead.”

It has, however, failed to get off the ground and is under threat just ten weeks after it was heralded as a bright new dawn.

The Argus put the claims to the WRU who responded with the following statement: “The establishment of the Professional Regional Game Board was announced just nine weeks ago following discussions between the WRU and all four regional organisations. “Mr Justice Wyn Williams has been chosen to chair the PRGB.”