Idles star Adam Devonshire has said the band only make music they believe in, otherwise they would be “lying to the audience”.

The bass player said the punk rock group “can’t fake it” when it comes to their music.

Speaking at the Kerrang! awards in London, he said: “If you don’t believe in the songs and you are playing on stage, you are lying to yourself and lying to the audience.

“That is not what we are about at all.”

His bandmate Lee Kiernan added: “We love to make music that we love.

“We love taking influences from all the genres of music that we love. We like mashing it together and seeding what we can create.

“The most important thing to us is to write things that we are in love with and we will always and forever write what we want to write.”

Kiernan continued: “The best thing about it is every single song that we write or every single album that we write, we are always looking to better ourselves which means learning more.

“So we delve into new genres and new realms and just try to learn as much as possible and try to apply it to what we want to do next – that for us is the love of making music.”