AN IDEA born when a young girl from Nelson had tantrums before car journeys has blossomed into a fast-growing business.

Sally Marlow launched My Car Step because Jessica, now four, wanted to climb into her car seat by herself. But, it was not physically possible as it was too high, which led to her getting upset.

While her mum’s new business was initially aimed at providing something she could not find in the shops, it now means she can spend more time at home with her daughter and has also been nominated in the Mumpreneur Awards.

The accolades recognise mums who have been an inspiration to all women in business and Ms Marlow will find out in August if she has reached the final in the best product category.

She began designing the step over two years ago when Jessica was 18 months and said she knew most of the details about the look, shape and feel of the step, but the hardest part was knowing who to go to for help.

In the end, she received help in designing the product and with her business plan from Welsh Government-funded agencies based in Cardiff.

Her business began trading last November and Ms Marlow now juggles it with working part-time as a teaching assistant.

She said: “I spend every spare minute trying to establish the business. I have Fridays off from work, and every Friday I am trying to go to different toddler groups to build up a relationship with the parents and advertise my business. If I am not running around different toddlers groups I am trying to network on Twitter and Facebook.”

As well as enabling young children to climb into their car seats unaided, it helps prevent back strains for parents