THE PARENTS of a Risca baby who died just three days after his birth are campaigning to raise awareness of kidney disease in newborns.

Stacey and Ryan Jones, whose son Logan, died from polycystic kidney disease, have now received £2,700 towards charity polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

Born on October 31 2012, at the Heath hospital in Cardiff, Logan died on November 2 after his kidneys enlarged and cysts grew on them- resulting in his lungs not functioning properly.

The disease typically causes lung failure and other organs of the body not to work effectively.

As the first anniversary of his death approaches Logan’s parents are looking to raise awareness of the condition.

Mrs Jones, 26, a part time attendant at Risca leisure centre, said: “Three in ten babies die from the disease, which is caused by the mother and father carrying extra chromosome in the genes which makes the disease progress.

“I had what I thought was a normal pregnancy until 33 weeks.

“I gave birth and when he was born they did tests on him and found that his kidneys had been enlarged and he was diagnosed with PKD which caused damage to his lungs.

"He passed away three days later."

The couple who also have a daughter Ava, two, received the donation from the Royal Society of St George, Shropshire Branch, after the society became aware of the fundraising in the family's pup the Bulls Head.

“We didn't want anyone to buy flowers, so we told people to give donations to the PKD charity,” Mrs Jones added.

The couple's family Bill and Cheryl Haynes who are the licensees of Shropshire pub the Bulls Head, began a collection for the charity to help medical research find a cure for PKD.

The Committee Member of the Shropshire Branch of the 'Royal Society of St George heard about the campaign and got the committee involved in raising £250 to help the appeal.

“Many parents like us weren't aware of the disease so we wanted to make sure families were aware,” said Mrs Jones.

“This charity is the only one on the UK and so we wanted to raise money for it.

“So far we have raised £2,700 from the funeral collection, the £250 Royal Society of St George donation and £2,000 from collections organised by my auntie.”

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