A CAERPHILLY based entrepreneur has launched an app that uses GPS technology to bring people together.

Sam East, founder and CEO of Shake Locate, created the app after having difficulty giving his father directions to his location after he moved to a new city.

By shaking your phone, the app pinpoints a user's exact location with a shareable link which can be distributed via text or on social networking sites.

Mr East said: “For those who aren’t familiar with their surroundings it can be difficult to describe how to get to them and the process of sharing a location can be a fairly long-winded one.

“I decided to simplify things by creating Shake Locate which works by using longitude and latitude to pinpoint your location.”

The application also encourages users to create lists of their favourite place and share locations with default contacts and individuals without internet access.

He added: “I thought, finding and sharing your location should not have to entail opening several apps or windows before copying and pasting links in a new message or post that you would have to create separately.

“I wanted to deliver a better experience with Shake Locate and make it as accessible as possible.”

The app is available in nine different languages including German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Chinese.

For more information visit www.shakelocate.com