AROUND 80 bikers turned up to take a cancer sufferer to her school prom in style.

The bikers - from The Laughing Lunatics Bikers group as well as other riders from across the valleys – came together for Blackwood girl Emilia Harding to give her the biggest entrance to her prom.

The 16-year-old girl was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma on New Year’s Eve after a lump was discovered on her thigh.

After undergoing treatment and having the tumour on her leg removed, Emilia’s mum Katie Bennett said she wanted her daughter to have a prom which was unforgettable.

The 35-year-old said the year has been extremely difficult for the family but making Emilia smile was the main priority.

Ms Bennett said: “She has been through so much, we all have. It has been the worst year in my life by far. It was complete shock as it’s quite rare for teenagers to get it (Synovial Sarcoma), it is mainly adults who get it.

“I wanted to do something for Emilia’s prom so I put a request on the Laughing Lunatics Bikers group to come to her prom and they said yes.

“At first she (Emilia) was slightly embarrassed, at 16-years-old you know you’re bound to be. But on the night from the point she left the house she didn’t stop smiling.

“People came from everywhere to watch. The whole road came out to see, and even people who don't even live on the road came to have a look!"

The bikers escorted Emilia and her friends to their Blackwood Comprehensive School prom in Cardiff’s Principality Stadium – riding alongside her and her friends as they travelled in a campervan which was donated by children’s charity Dreams and Wishes.

Emilia was also given a wig made by the Little Princess Trust.

Ms Bennett said that the doctors believe the cancer is gone but Emilia is now waiting to undergo either Radiotherapy or Proton Beam therapy for the next month.

The 16-year-old will go on to attend Crosskeys College in September.