HUNDREDS of people turned up to celebrate the launch of a charity single aid of for a little boy who “loves everybody”.

Harri Evans, of Newbridge, is a four-year-old who was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome just before the age of one.

He lives in the Caerphilly borough town with his mum Sarah Bennett-Evans and dad Scott Evans and is described as someone who “has to talk to everyone he sees”.

Ms Bennett-Evans said: “Harri is extremely friendly. He has to say hello to everyone who walks past – which can be a bit of nightmare when you’re shopping. And if people don’t speak to him he gets upset as well.”

Having Williams Syndrome does mean that Harri is different tofrom other children. He has a heart condition and also cannot fully speak – but due to the his friendliness and the work his parents have done to raise money for the Williams Syndrome charity he was recently named as the “star” of Newbridge.

Because Harri is so well-known in the community, his parents were approached by Newbridge songwriter Gavin Clifton to create a charity single with Welsh artists.

It was recorded by a number of singers, including musical theatre star Peter Karrie.

The single – called Talk to Me – was officially launched on Friday December 1 at the Newbridge Memo along with the town’s Christmas lights switch-on.

It included a performance from Welsh band The Kiltics along with other events.

Ms Bennett-Evans said the event was a great way to launch the single, and was also great for Harri, as she says this year is the first year he has officially recognised Christmas.

She said: “The event was absolutely brilliant. It was also emotional, especially when the video to the song was played.

“You could see people welling up when they watched it and to see them.

“It was great to see how many people know Harri and care about him as well,” she said.

“It really is great to have another avenue to raise more awareness of Williams Syndrome to more people.

“Harri was very excited about the whole event as this is the first year he has recognised Christmas. He got particularly excited when he saw Santa. Because of the excitement though he did get tired quite quickly and by the end of the night he was asleep in his buggy!”

Gavin Clifton, who co-wrote Talk to Me with local songwriters Dan Curtis and Laura Curtis, said it was a great event.

He said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the launch night last Friday night, it was lovely to see so many people there supporting little Harri. “It was good to see the community come together for such a special little lad.

“The night went as smoothly as it could have of, The Kiltics put on some fabulous entertainment, and the video launch was fantastic.

“That was my favourite part of the night actually, just to see people watching the video of Harri’s life on the big screen at The Memo was a moment that I’ll never forget and to hear the massive round of applause afterwards was just incredible,” he said.

Talk to Me – which encourages people to talk to those who may be different or have disabilities – is now available to download via Amazon, iTunes and other retailers.

It is also available to buy on CD from Sarah Bennett-Evans or online at the Williams Syndrome Foundation –