MORE than 85 people were arrested for drink or drug driving in December in Gwent.

Last month, Gwent Police launched their anti-drink and drug drive campaign to remind people of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A spokeswoman for Gwent Police said that 88 arrests were made during the December campaign.

She said: “There were 72 arrests for drink driving, 14 for drug driving and one for being drunk in charge of a vehicle.

“One arrest was also made for failing to provide a specimen for analysis.”

As part of the campaign, police also asked the public to anonymously report offenders. Gwent Police chief inspector Martyn Smith thanked the members of the public who supported this initiative by reporting drink/drug drivers either by calling or texting the force.

Mr Smith said: “This was a successful campaign which I hope demonstrates our commitment to making the roads in Gwent safer and to raising awareness of the dangers of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“If you believe someone is driving under the influence of drink or drugs, please contact us on 101, or in an emergency 999.”

The message of the Wales-wide anti-drink and drug drive campaign was “you should be under no illusion -if you get behind the wheel whilst under the influence you not only risk your licence, get a fine or prison sentence, but you are risking lives too”.

As part of the month-long campaign, police forces used intelligence-led tactics and local knowledge of hotspots to detect people who were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol over the festive period.

At the time, economy and transport secretary Ken Skates said: “Every time anyone gets behind the wheel having had a drink, even one, the chances of an accident increase.

“I’d like to reiterate how imperative it is that everything possible is done to keep us all safe on our roads."

He added: “I’d like to thank our heroic police, fire and rescue and ambulance service who so often have to deal first hand with the preventable consequences of drink driving.”

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