A FAMILY pooch went on a rather unusual adventure after escaping from his garden, boarding a train and travelling around 30 miles.

Clyde the Staffordshire Bull Terrier travelled from his home in Penpedairheol all the way to Cardiff after he got out of his back garden through a side gate.

His owner Joanne Davies noticed his disappearance on last Monday morning at 7am after her son let Clyde and their other dog Bonnie out for some fresh air.

After it appeared that the four-year-old dog had gotten out via a side gate that had blown open, Ms Davies posted an appeal for him on Facebook.

Little did the family know that Clyde had boarded a train at Hengoed Railway Station and was heading to Cardiff.

The dog's train adventure was uncovered when a passenger on the train spotted Ms Davies' Facebook appeal and recognised the stowaway Staffy.

After informing the train conductor, Clyde was then kept safe at Cardiff station until Ms Davies was contacted to pick him up.

Ms Davies said: “I still can’t believe he managed to get that far. Even walking from the back garden to the train station is far and about two miles.

“I went out looking for him and then my sister went out to look as well. We didn’t think he could have gone far but we were definitely wrong there.

“I’m just glad he came back completely unscathed. Loads of people commented on my post and said they had seen him on different parts of the journey.”

Ms Davies said she wants to thank all the people who looked after Clyde during his journey.

“I heard that two young teenagers saw him at Hengoed Train Station,” she said.

“Clyde was running up and down the train tracks and after assessing whether it was safe, they both got down and actually picked him up off there.

“He was missing for about three hours but it was a few scary hours.

“He is frightened of my two cats so he isn’t exactly the bravest of dogs.”

Clyde is now reunited at home with his partner Bonnie - who is another four-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.