“I grew up in a tiny town in Barry, where there wasn’t a drive for being ambitious.

It was always fun having the fun fair and spending great memories with friends but it was good and bad depending who I bumped into - including a group of boys who just wanted to start on me and comment to because I was a gay and camp guy.

This suppressed my confidence massively and I was afraid to talk and get involved with other people in fear of for judgement.

I didn’t know who I was that time, I was the one they were commenting on in the town everyone knows everyone and normally lives and breathes everyone’s business.

I just knew it was more and I wanted to do more and be someone.

It wasn’t till I was 17 until my confidence started to grow again meeting other gay people knowing I had other support with others too.

I started to find myself who I was, what music I loved and my style I liked to wear, and feel massively comfortable in who I was and by my early 20s I was Scott McGlynn loving, caring and ambitious guy.

I always enjoyed writing from my blog and I wanted to share my difficult experience on coming out from a real person not a celebrity it was real life all the way.

From being a kid I knew I was meant to be someone do something to help others, this is where my first book ‘Out’ came from - I wanted to get my story out there.

It was the right time for me it was like therapy getting it all out but my goal is to help and there for others if that’s for being bullied or coming out or both.

The process brought up a lot of emotions but it was a good thing because it was about where I am now and where I was then but I thought it could help other people which was a good thing.

What happened was I got it out and I had a publisher read it and snap it up. It was great to have people get in touch who had shared experiences.

That was the goal I had and I was overwhelmed when I went to youth centres and different book signings across the UK I met them, and it was really nice to put faces to them.

Now from the original copy I have added four chapters on top of that which is getting finalised now and a UK publisher has picked it up so hopefully this year is going to be much bigger.

Its also about getting out there, the showbiz side and the pros and cons of that, people in the industry and explores cyber bulling as that’s where we are in this day and age.

The book starts in 2014 and has an emotional rollercoaster of a break up and make up with my partner Justin in 2015 and how hard it is.

I started blogging 3 years ago and at the start wrote about my favourite products and lifestyle fashion but I found it wasn’t really taking off so I started my celebrity Q&A on there asking about their experiences on the X factor or MTV shows.

Now where my audience is grown I’ve gone back to blogging and writing reviews on there www.scottmcglynn.net my podcast show is all linked

My podcast ‘The Scott McGlynn’ show also gets celebrity guests and high names talking about there coming / careers and LGBT experiences to share with others what press don’t really ask them

I interviewed the original Blue Power ranger, David Yost, for example, and press say he’s gay but don’t actually hear what he has to say about it.

The podcast is a really good platform as it gives them a chance to explore this and tell their story but most press just report on who is dating who – something I call ‘trash news’.

Whoever it is, they’re all someone’s idol in one way or another and it’s nice to hear what they have to say because the press doesn’t care about the background or their ‘coming out’ story.

The show has gone great and everyone wants to come and jump on board.

I’m proud to be a gay activist for others in the community today it’s very hard to make a name for yourself in the Showbiz world.

I have done Pride, talks in youth centres in Blackwood and was even invited to speak on a LGBT panel in Scotland at the ‘Festival of Politics’.

I was in a room with 100 people and it was such a laugh and also quite an achievement as they found my somehow and invited me.

In the future I hope to do a live podcast which I want to bring to clubs and bars and I’m working with someone to help release that because it’s coming to the one-year anniversary of the show.

I want to do something special with it as I love the show as I get to meet loads of people with it.

It makes you real to them and it’s always good to give back.

Looking back, being bullied when I was younger helped me have a much thicker skin.

If you’re being bullied, my message is to talk about it and get it out there.

I have even spoken to people who have been bullied, including a women in her 40s or 50s who said she was getting bullied at work because of the way she looked.

I couldn’t speak to my mum and dad about it at the time and if you bottle it up, you get depressed over it and don’t really interact with anyone like I did – my confidence was really low.

I was afraid what people may say or do because of who I was or how I felt so I spoke to one friend about it constantly and she sat me down and took me back down to earth.

I think if I didn’t have those experiences I couldn’t connect with people worldwide as people email me from as far as the US depending who I invite on the podcast.

The support my partner Justin has given me is absolutely amazing he wants me up do more and more - that’s true love supporting each other

Looking forward, I want to do more live podcast shows and meet real people with a very relaxed panel and open floor.

It makes you real to them and it’s always good to give back and I want to use the podcast to meet real people with a very relaxed panel and open floor.

With the revised version of the book, it will be more of tour and I can expand more and meet more people - now the book is realised, has a new name and is much bigger I can’t wait for it now.

That’s all I ever wanted.

In Blackwood Library last year there was a massive opening day with the chairman of the council, people in Caerphilly and all different groups including LGBT coming and I was there as a guest.

Everyone was asking questions and I love that because I get to meet the people.

I hope to do similar work this year, visiting various places and encouraging everyone to share their stories.

That’s the next step.

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