SOMETHING was afoot at Caerphilly Castle this week as local residents spotted shots firing over the Castle walls and landing into the surrounding moat.  

The rare sighting was a result of Cadw testing its medieval siege engines, which are planned to fire for the first time in five years, as part of the Castle’s 750th anniversary celebrations over Easter weekend.

The testing saw 12th century-inspired ammunition being catapulted high above the castle grounds, travelling an impressive 150ft across the spectacular medieval backdrop.

Cadw confirmed that the Siege Engines’ new lease of life is part of wider plans for Caerphilly Castle, with more updates to follow in the coming weeks.

Starting tomorrow the bank holiday weekend is Caerphilly Castle's Medieval Birthday Bash event.

There will be combat and live history displays from tomorrow until Monday from 10am to 4pm. 

Knights from Historia Normannis will march through the town to the Castle each morning, calling on visitors to pick their side as the two camps do battle.

Medieval fashion shows, siege weapons and stunt teams will also feature.