CAERPHILLY County Borough Council could introduce two new policies to help maintain the quality of education in the event of staff changes in schools.

The recommendations, which will go before the cabinet for approval on Wednesday, May 16, aim to help the authority in the event of redundancy or retirement.

Under the umbrella of the council’s ‘schools’ workforce flexibilities policies’ the first of the two strategies is a voluntary severance scheme.

This is proposed to run alongside the voluntary early retirement (VER) scheme in a bid to avoid redundancy where possible.

“Voluntary severance will account for the fact that successful applicants who are 55+ years of age will also attract access to their pension on a non-actuarially reduced basis as they would in a redundancy situation,” said the report.

“This could be cost prohibitive in some instances but also particularly attractive to those who are of state pension retirement age already and/or near to it.

“These are the staff that would see little or no value in accessing their pension through the VER scheme but would see the benefit in accessing the severance scheme. The severance scheme reaches all age ranges.”

The second recommendation is a school specific strategy, which would come into effect if neither of the VER or voluntary severance schemes are applicable.

It would involve redirecting funds earmarked for redundancy payments into Caerphilly schools by potentially finding a new role for the staff member.

“The redundancy payments of all staff confirmed at risk of redundancy would be calculated,” said the report.

“The details of staff confirmed at risk of redundancy would be forwarded to schools and crossmatches sought.”

The report continues: “Another school may come forward to confirm that their succession planning would afford them the opportunity to engage this member of staff on a permanent basis the following academic year.

“The redundancy payment that the teacher would be entitled to is less than a year of their gross salary.

“The monetary equivalent of the redundancy payment could under this proposal be redirected to the interested school to secure the employment offer.

“If supported, this could open up opportunities for staff at risk and also for engaging schools.”

If approved by cabinet members, the two strategies will go to consultation.