PLANS to transform the site of a former video shop in Markham to a chemist and one-bedroom flat could be refused due to parking issues.

Last month, members of Caerphilly County Borough Council’s planning committee deferred the application over concerns the Abernant Road development had “inadequate off-street parking provision”.

Although the application is recommended for approval with conditions, the authority’s own adopted car parking standards may present a problem to the applicant.

The standards suggest that three parking spaces would be required for the development, but the application comes with space for two vehicles.

“At the meeting, it was moved and seconded that the application be deferred to allow officers to produce a reason to refuse the application on the basis that the development would have inadequate off-street parking provision,” stated the planning report.

The concern of the planning authority is “the development would result in increased on-street parking pressure to the detriment of highway safety”, acting in opposition to the council’s local development plan until 2021.

The planning report continued: “The transportation engineering manager raises objection to the proposed development on the basis that the development generates the requirement for three off-street car parking spaces in accordance with the adopted car parking standards.”

The application covers the building of a two or three-storey construction, as the video shop had already been demolished.

It will comprise a one-bedroom flat on lower level, a ground floor chemist retail unit and a first-floor storage space associated with the commercial aspect.

The development also offers two off-street parking spaces in a tandem configuration.

The application has attracted eight objections, although none of the observations were not considered as holding valid grounds of refusal.

In addition to the potential for increased on-street parking pressures and the detriment to highway and pedestrian safety, concerns were raised about the loss of jobs and possible closure of chemist dispensary at the Markham medical centre.

The issue of elderly residents walking from the medical centre to the proposed chemist was also raised as an objection.

The application will be considered by the planning committee on Wednesday, May 23.