AN AWARD winning Blackwood filmmaker is asking amateur actors in Gwent to help him make a new music video.

Mark Maguire, 32, who runs Halfway Pictures with Richard Shelton, 34, is looking for Gwent residents to help the company out with its latest project.

Mr Maguire said Halfway Pictures is starting work on a music video for a song called “Modern Art Is Rubbish” that he co-wrote with friend James Tredree.

The video will involve a poker game that turns sour, leading to a chase on foot through woods.

Mr Maguire said: “As well as actors we are also looking for people who want to help out with the filming such as holding boom mikes and other jobs that need to be done.

“Unfortunately we cannot afford to pay anyone at the moment, but we can offer a great experience for people looking to get into the trade."

The Blackwood filmmakers won the prestigious Audience Award at the at the Newport International Film Festival for their short film “Ruin” in December.

The film was shot on location in Newport, Blackwood and Griffithstown and tells the tale of one man’s struggle with homelessness.

Anyone interested in joining the filmmakers during their latest project should call Mr Maguire on 07917833607.