A YOUNG couple will be performing in Trafalfgar Square this weekend and Orlando in the USA later in the year.

Laura Coyne, 21 and Dan Curtis, 27 from Caerphilly will be performing their Great American Songbook in London on Mr Curtis said: "I was brought up listening to the music of the Great American Songbook through the influence of my grandparents.

Certain songs and sounds remind me of Sunday afternoons playing through endless records and watching classic Hollywood movies.

In the 90s most people were listening to Blur and the Prodigy and laughed at the boy walking around and listening to the works of George Gershwin and Cole Porter.

I care passionately about ensuring this music lives on and doesn't become forgotten."

The couple who run DLC music, will be married in August and are passionate about conserving old music and want people to come forward with their old music sheets and other music to help conserve it for future generations.

They will be performing at West End Live Festival, this weekend and on September 3 at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando.

Miss Coyne said: "It will be great to perform in London. We hope to be performing in New York soon at the Gershwin Hotel and in November we will be performing at the South Bank Centre in London for the British Film Institute. For more information on their performances go to www.dlcmusic.com