IT’S been a busy 12 months for a Gwent duo who shot to fame after taking part in a TV music talent competition.

Into the Ark, made up of Taylor Jones, 21, and Dane Lloyd, 25,were the runners up on The Voice UK under their coach Sir Tom Jones.

As the series returns to ITV on Saturday, Taylor Jones said that they have had an amazing year since they were first featured on the show.

He said: “This time last year we had filmed the first few rounds of The Voice and we nobody knew and we had to keep it quiet, it was an exciting but anxious time. To see where we are now and that everything went more than alright, we’re baffled by it.”

While there have been a number of high points, touring with their mentor Tom Jones was a highlight.

Taylor Jones said: “Being able to tour with Tom Jones was absolutely mental. It shows that it wasn’t just what is shown on TV it was actually genuine.

“To go on tour and to sing with Tom on tour and spend personal time with him. He’s amazing.”

The duo are still in touch with Sir Tom and they spoke to him during the Christmas period.

“We speak to him through voicemails, but when do catch each other we do have a chat,” Mr Jones said.

“One of our favourite things last year was been recording an EP which we recorded in Spain in November. Now we have some music to back it all up and we will be introducing new material in our sets.”

The duo were able to relax and see family over the Christmas period and even played a few tunes for friends including playing for Mr Jones’ grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

They have a busy few months ahead with a large tour and more time in the recording studio planned.

Mr Jones said: “We are going to be recording an album this year which is very exciting and the preparation is being done for that. We are off to the US in May so it’s hard to get the music out and everything ready in terms of artwork and promos while sorting out a massive tour.

“So far so good and it seems the team gets more hungry for it the bigger it gets.”

“This will be the busiest year for is and we can’t wait to work on the album and release the EP. We have a live video of Burning Love coming soon.”

As for giving advice for upcoming musicians Mr Jones said that perseverance is key. He said: “I say if you’re making music then just keep going, it depends on your situation.

“We needed The Voice at the time, and those shows have given lots of people long lasting careers.

“I say go for it if it seems like the right thing to do for you.

“We learned how to behave when there are cameras around and that you should just indulge in it because you don’t know what will happen next. Live in the moment.”

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