This year will be one to remember for 43-year-old mum-of-two, Andrea Callanan, who is celebrating after the book she co-authored went straight in at number one on the Amazon best seller charts.

You are Meant for More soared to the top of the charts in the business consulting and entrepreneurship section alongside books by Sir Richard Branson, Sir Alan Sugar, and Jo Malone.

You are Meant for More tells how she rebuilt her life, and her voice, and now supports female high achievers and entrepreneurs with their self-belief, voice and business growth as well as working with global organisations on developing their staff’s voices through creative corporate engagement.

Andrea, who lives in Cardiff, sits on the Business Wales board for the Welsh Government and is the chairman for the Young Directors Forum in Wales, tells in the book how, for a good decade, she was one of the main music industry voice coaches in Wales, teaching the likes of Welsh chart-toppers, Broadway and West End performers and public speakers.

Then her life took a bad turn and she said: “My confidence shattered during this phase in my life. For a short time, I was very depressed. I became ill. I was emotionally broken, and for the second time in my life, I lost my voice.

“I went to therapy which changed my life and I found a way through.”

Now founder and owner of award-winning people development company inspire me, alongside her coaching business working with high achieving female entrepreneurs, she travels the world as a globally recognised motivational speaker.

Andrea is passionate about sharing her story as part of her mission to help others appreciate they can overcome adversity and supporting other entrepreneurs who are looking for more.

You are Meant for More charts the journeys of 10 women in business. Brought to life by Authors & Co whose focus is on telling stories of those who are keen to inspire and leave a legacy, the creation of the book has in collaboration with Andrea’s business mentor, globally recognised positive psychologist, speaker, author, and coach, Niyc Pidgeon in a bid to inspire others to take create 'unstoppable success'.

It is available now via Amazon It is also to be made into a paperback.