Caerphilly-based IT firm Team Metalogic is the only Welsh business to be named in the Top 50 Managed IT Firms in the UK for the second year in a row.

The top 50 list was vigorously scrutinised with more than 200 questions being posed to the applicants during a three-month process.

Mike Parfitt, managing director at Team Metalogic, said: “In more than 15 years of running the business this certainly ranks as one of our greatest achievements. To be considered as a top 50 firm across the whole of the UK is incredibly satisfying, especially as we’re flying the flag for Wales.”

Mr Parfitt said: "For more than 15 years we have strived to deliver excellence whilst solving problems for our valued clients.

"Over the last 18 months, we have really focussed on growth while retaining the strong relationships of those businesses that have stayed loyal to us over a long period of time.

"We are seeing some fantastic results and coupled with the recent launch of our telecoms arm, this is a really exciting period for the business.

He said: “Throughout the 200-question process for this award, we were able to put our systems under the microscope. That in itself was worthwhile.

"We were able to really hone in on what makes us different from our competitors, as well as reaffirm our values as a business. This award highlights that we are vindicated in our decision to always put the clients’ needs and objectives first. I am especially proud that we have secured this for the second year in a row.”

Team Metalogic was founded by Mr Parfitt in 2003 and now it employs a team of nine staff from its base in Caerphilly Business Park.