The Welsh franchise sector is valued at £400m yet according to NatWest Cymru a significant number of people – many prospective female entrepreneurs – are dissuaded from launching a franchise business because they believe high street banks will not support them with funding.

A free event being staged by the bank with Encouraging Women Into Franchise in Cardiff on February 7 aims to dispel that myth.

Hosted at NatWest’s Entrepreneur Accelerator in One Central Square, it will bring together key sector specialists to talk about launching and funding a franchise business.

NatWest Cymru says more women wanting to start this type of venture should be encouraged and supported to do so. It will lend up to 75 per cent of the cost of launching a franchise as well as providing additional support to help start and grow the business.

Peter Howe, NatWest franchise development manager, said: “Franchise businesses are an important part of the Welsh economy and have been a launch pad for many successful Welsh entrepreneurs.

“There can be a misconception however that banks will not be willing to support or fund these kind of businesses, which in the case of NatWest is not true. We have a specialist team to help provide the funding and support entrepreneurs need to finance and launch a franchise business.

“Crucially, we want to support more women interested in the franchise sector, which is why this event at our accelerator in Cardiff is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the support, funding and opportunities available.”

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