Newport-based manufacturing business Asset International Ltd has been bought by SDS, a water infrastructure systems provider.

The acquisition, which includes the exclusive rights to manufacture Weholite large diameter plastic pipes in the UK and Ireland, sees all 72 Asset employees staying with the business.

A spokesman for SDS told the Argus: "It is business as usual. There are currently no plans to make any changes to the Asset International operation or to make any redundancies. Weholite customer orders will continue to be serviced as normal."

The Newport plant, which has been operating for more than 20 years, has the capacity to produce 10,000 tonnes of Weholite products each year, including the manufacture of its BBA HAPAS approved industry-leading high density polyethylene large diameter (gravity and low-pressure structured wall) pipe.


The new business will trade under the names of ‘Weholite Limited’ and ‘Weholite International Limited’.

SDS will provide continuity of service to all Weholite customers and takes on immediate responsibility for ensuring the delivery of current and planned projects.

Patrick Cullen, managing director of SDS, said: “Our acquisition of Asset International’s Weholite business marks a major milestone in our strategic vision to expand the development of innovative, efficient and cost-effective products and services that tackle the challenges of managing water from source to sea and deliver vital water security.

“Water is both a vital resource for life and a danger to our livelihoods. Whether we have too much or too little, the critical infrastructure required to ensure its supply, while also protecting us from flooding, is under increasing stress. The way we manage water in future, therefore, will be fundamental not only to protecting the environment, but also to human well-being and commercial prosperity.”