A MUSICAL duo from Blackwood, who were the runners up on the 2017 edition of The Voice UK, have ended their current tour with a homecoming show.

Into the Ark – also known as singer Taylor Jones and guitarist and singer Dane Lloyd – shot to fame after teaming up with Sir Tom Jones on last year’s run of the ITV singing competition.

On Saturday, the pair took to the stage at the Blackwood Miners Institute to give fans from the Caerphilly area a chance to see the folk acoustic duo in action.

“It is really cool to be back in Blackwood,” said Mr Lloyd.

“I was just saying to Taylor that the last time I was here, and in the upstairs room, was seeing Kids in Glass Houses when I was about 17.

“I’d only just started getting into music then, so it is cool for us as some of our favourite bands have played here.

“The home shows are the best. The crowd just go mad as it is full of aunties and uncles, school friends and it is nice for everyone.

“It gets people back in touch with one another as well.”

Mr Jones added: “This is the second time that we’ve played here.

“The first time we played downstairs to a much smaller audience, so it is great to see, over time, there’s progress in our show at the Miners with a bigger room and audience.

“The venue is great and that’s fantastic to have it so close.”

Almost a year has elapsed since Into the Ark appeared on The Voice, and although enjoying their time on the road, the pair do admit to missing the cut and thrust of the show.

"We actually miss doing The Voice," said Mr Lloyd.

"Whether that is just the routine of it as well, we know we had to wake up and practice our songs.

"We were always around musicians and we had to do the show at the end of it.

"Perhaps it is the thrill of it all that we miss. There was loads of nice people on there too, and a lot of our friends from the show we don’t get to see that often – only if we are playing their town or city.

"It has shaped our craft but it is great to be back doing original music and touring."

Mr Jones said: "I just have fond memories of it, looking back on The Voice.

"It was a really good laugh and experience – there was this element of fun when everyone is as nervous as you are and in the same boat.

"But that stay, it is great to back on the road and in the studio again, trying to capitalise on the airtime that we did have and get some more music out there."

As for the duo's future, Into the Ark are working on their album before heading stateside with their former mentor for a month-and-a-half.

"At the moment, we are in the process of making the album which I don’t know when it will be released but there will be a few singles out over the summer," said Mr Lloyd.

"We are down in Guildford working with Mike Needle and Dan Bryer, who have worked with Rag N Bone Man, Niall Horan and other really cool artists.

"Once that is done, we go to America with Tom Jones – for a few months."

Mr Jones added: "It is hard to believe we are touring with Sir Tom. When we got the call about the UK tour, we just could not believe it.

"After the UK tour went so well, we spoke to Tom quite regularly, backstage and so on, and he mentioned the US leg and if we’d interested.

"Of course we were and we’ve never been to America before and we are playing some really iconic venues – Houses of Blues in Chicago and the LA Greek Theatre.

"But it’s not the Miners Institute."