A FAMILY with members all across Caerphilly county borough are celebrating five generations.

Melissa Asbury, of Machen, recently got together with her family and released not only is her mum Margaret Lewis a great great grandmother - but there are now five generations of women in the family.

The five generations of women consist of Mrs Asbury's mum Margaret Lewis who is 78, Mrs Lewis' daughter Marianne Lewis who is 60, Mrs Lewis's granddaughter Hayley Powell who is 42, her great granddaughter Saffron Powell who is 22 and her great great granddaughter Ezmae Powell who is three-years-old.

Mrs Asbury said it is a bit of struggle to get the whole family together as they live in Machen, Caerphilly, Tredegar and Newbridge, but they are very close.

"We might not see each other too often but we speak every day," Mrs Asbury said.

"I know it's quite unusual. Everyone always tries to meet up and they go and see my mum and dad in Machen a lot."