CAERPHILLY County Borough Council has re-profiled its £220 million Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) improvement programme to ensure works to all tenants' homes will be completed by 2020.

The revisions, approved by the council’s cabinet, are as a result of a number of changing circumstances in the delivery of the programme; including the liquidation of one of the contractors appointed to carry out a proportion of improvement works.

The revisions mean that some work has been extended from when it was originally planned, to enable the council’s in-house workforce to carry out improvement works that were appointed to this contractor.

All council tenants will be sent a copy of the revised WHQS programme and a copy can also be found on the council’s website.

Cllr Lisa Phipps, the council’s cabinet member for Homes and Places, said: “Whilst good progress has been made in the delivery of the council’s WHQS programme, unforeseen circumstances have led to changes being necessary.

"Unfortunately, this does mean that some tenants will receive their improvements later than originally anticipated.

"We apologise for this, but would like to assure tenants that we are still on target to meet our 2020 deadline for completion of this programme.

"The council’s in-house workforce has consistently performed well throughout the programme, achieving high levels of tenant satisfaction. Allocating a greater proportion of improvement works to them is a positive outcome for tenants.”

Caerphilly County Borough Council receives a Major Repairs Allowance from Welsh Government; in 2017/18 it received £7,347,000 which contributed to WHQS improvements.