A FUNDRAISING event raised more than £2,500 for a military charity, which was then matched by the club's committee to bring the total up to more than £5,000. The money was raised Caerphilly Municipal Club hosted an evening in support of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) Charity Military Patients Fund.

Entertainment secretary for the club Robert Markey chose the charity after his daughter, Karen Tandler, 34, spent four months in QEHB when she contracted necrotitis fasciitis ten days after giving birth to her second child Leo Harry, in February 2011.

The disease attacked her lower leg, which means she now has to wear a supportive boot to keep her foot rigid so that she can walk with a crutch or stick.

Mr Markey said: "It was lucky that the disease didn't move upwards as my daughter may not be with us today."

His daughter grew up in Caerphilly and went to St Martin's Comprehensive School and is now a primary school teacher in Birmingham. The event in association with FareDeal Entertainments agency raised £2554.60 and the club's management committee decided to match this, which meant a total of £5109.20 was raised for the charity.

Mr Markey, 56, from Mornington Meadows said: "We will hopefully be doing another fundrasier next year. I want to thank the club management for their support and everyone who gave their time and money to the support the cause."

Mr Markey went to QEHB in Birmingham to hand over the cheque last week.