WALES marks the 15th anniversary of Labour’s record in the Welsh Assembly. For 15 years, Labour has been running Wales into the ground, wasting money and pursuing populist gimmicks while Wales gets poorer and public services are stretched to breaking point.

Against nearly every performance indicator Labour has let down the people of Wales, not only wasting the past 15 years but actively making the problems many people face worse.

After 15 years of Labour, Wales is the poorest part of the UK, is ranked bottom of UK nations in school league tables, has consistently missed key NHS waiting time targets and has seen some of the UK’s highest rises in council tax. Wales is being held back by a Labour administration that has been in place for too long.

It lacks the ambition needed to maximise our powers to best benefit our people. There is an element within the Labour party mainly Labour MPs who don’t want the Welsh Assembly being too successful. As they are afraid of stronger voices calling for the same powers as Scotland and even independence.

Andrew Nutt Heolddu Road Bargoed