One law for MPs

12:49pm Thursday 10th April 2014

THE watchdog in charge of parliamentary expenses has declared war on MPs, saying they can no longer be trusted to police their own affairs.

Leave us alone

12:11pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

I’M INCREASINGLY annoyed by the constant attacks on Wales by David Cameron and the Daily Mail. Cameron constantly refers to NHS failings in Wales which he blames on the Welsh Government. Clearly he is determined to convince the electorate that socialism does not work.

Price isn't right

2:54pm Thursday 20th March 2014

CAERPHILLY Council Tax hits £900 (2 up and 2 down).... They’re having a laugh! Services CUT, and the cost goes up!!! What a cheek!!

Poll opinion

2:01pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

THE PEOPLE of Blackwood get a chance to show their opinion on the living wage and other Labour failures.

Beacon of light

1:55pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

TONY Benn is dead – we will not see his like again.

Call for peace

11:41am Friday 14th March 2014

NATO was set up as a defensive organisation at the end of the Second World War, to combat Russia’s supposed warlike intentions. Since the Cold War ended and the Berlin Wall came down, Nato has grown more and more aggressive and more warlike.

Back the Bill

12:40pm Friday 28th February 2014

ON MARCH 5, I will be leading a debate in the National Assembly on my proposed bill for a legal duty for Minimum Nurse Staffing Levels.

Inquiry needed into Welsh NHS

12:38pm Friday 28th February 2014

HIGHLY skilled professionals from one of our top universities have expressed concern at the high mortality rates in Welsh hospitals.

Fracking debate

2:00pm Thursday 27th February 2014

I NOTICED with concern that fracking is slipping off media agenda. In order to satisfy their gas/petrol guzzling public with their huge cars, the Americans embrace fracking with open arms. Already there have been more than 150 recorded incidents involving contaminated water; many of the underground water tables are polluted, and the latest worrying incident occurred in a small village in Pennsylvania where a fracking well exploded with a huge fire, causing parts of the surrounding inhabitants to be evacuated.

What hope?

1:01pm Thursday 13th February 2014

LABOUR MP Ann Clwyd has criticised the Welsh Government for not answering her concerns about the standards of healthcare in Wales.

What a mess

12:57pm Thursday 13th February 2014

HAVEN’T the Welsh Assembly and Carwyn Jones got anything better to do than to propose yet another upheaval by inflicting yet another reorganisation of local government on the people?

Re-brand waste

1:23pm Thursday 30th January 2014

A ROSE by any other name would smell as sweet!


1:06pm Tuesday 28th January 2014

I PLEAD forgiveness for being more than sceptical at the timing of the announcement by CCBC that they have delivered an underspend of £4.5 million. Having listened to many residents of the Western Valley and a number from the Bedwas and Trethomas areas over recent years, all have agreed this local authority has done little for our areas. To add insult to injury this CCBC is now embarking upon consultation on “proposed changes to school admission arrangements in 2015/16” in the Islwyn West Area.

Car loans shame

10:54am Tuesday 7th January 2014

WITH THE latest shame to hit Caerphilly council is that taxpayers were subsidising employee car loans for workers who apparently rarely used their vehicles for council purposes. Between April 2009 and March 2013, the value of outstanding car loans declined from £269,000 to £118,000. But over the period 35 people were repaying loans at the low interest rate of 5.9%.

Files show truth

10:47am Tuesday 7th January 2014

WITH the release of secret Government papers under the 30 year rule, at last the truth has come out about the 1984-5 miners strike. Despite all their denials at the time, Margaret Thatcher and the Tories had a hidden agenda to destroy the mining industry, through her well-planned strategy of killing off Britain’s weak, poorly-led Trade unions. She first struck at the engineering unions, and provoked a strike with British Leyland.

Jpbs for the boys

3:23pm Monday 6th January 2014

CHANGES will allow unelected members of the public co-opted on the council committees to claim more public money in the New Year.

Face up to it

11:27am Monday 30th December 2013

LABOUR’S Education Minister Huw Lewis has apologised for the Welsh Government’s rule over sliding school standards.

Awful Osborne

1:02pm Monday 16th December 2013

THIS year’s autumn statement is classic Osborne, full of the usual denials and misinformation that has come to characterise this awful Chancellor. The Institute of Fiscal Studies has run a coach and horses through Osborne’s autumn statement pointing out that there is a whopping £12 billion black hole in his sums, which will mean further tax rises or more cuts in essential services. They also point out that due to wages falling so far behind the cost of living, that for every year Cameron has been in number 10 we are £1.600 worse off.

Mandela light

12:08pm Thursday 12th December 2013

NELSON Mandela is dead, but the flame of freedom he lit will live on.

Pay anomaly

12:06pm Thursday 12th December 2013

UNBELIEVABLE! The increase for all MPs pay/salary at such a high percentage. What should be considered is the way they are paid. Why should all individual workers, some in same workplaces, be paid at different rates yet all MPs be paid equally throughout the nation. They should all be paid their expenses from a central fund whilst on duty at parliament. But, their pay and expenses whilst in their own constituencies should be raised from their individual constituency and the constituents would be charged through their local rates. It is then up to the constituents to decide what rate the individual MP should receive, even if there is a need for a constituency ballot on it.

Do right thing

12:05pm Thursday 12th December 2013

PLANS to award MPs an 11 per cent pay rise have been criticised across Westminster, with one minister describing them as “utterly incomprehensible”.

Mandela missed

12:59pm Tuesday 10th December 2013

ALTHOUGH I never had the privilege of meeting Nelson Mandela, I found it extremely moving just listening to the experiences of many people who had.

Millions wasted

12:56pm Tuesday 10th December 2013

ALLAN Pritchard, (December 6), expressed the view that the First Minister showed “utter disrespect” when answering questions on the education rating for Wales. I accept his right to make such comments and would fight for his right to make them. However, I cannot but believe that he is being a bit holier than thou in this instance.

Poor response

11:48am Friday 6th December 2013

I HAD the misfortune to listen and watch the debate in the Assembly on the latest appalling Pisa education results for Wales.

Twisting the tail

12:02pm Wednesday 4th December 2013

I AM writing to ask you how much more damage can this bunch of clowns at Westminster inflict upon this once great country of ours.

Super switch-on

12:00pm Monday 2nd December 2013

MAY I take this opportunity through your letters page to thank everyone who came out to support the recent Blackwood Christmas lights switch-on? sponsored by Blackwood Town Council.

Shame on you

12:11pm Thursday 21st November 2013

I DOUBT the Monmouth MP David Davies would know an impact if it hit him in the face, I see he is on the committee of MPs investigating the effects of the spare bedroom subsidy, clearly living in an extremely nice part of Wales doesn’t reflect the poorest parts of Wales and the effect it is having on a very lot of people.

Nuclear mistake

12:40pm Tuesday 5th November 2013

HOW CAN our government coolly announce the go-ahead for two new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point while at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, workers are still battling to clean up the disaster caused two years ago?

Democracy out

11:30am Friday 1st November 2013

A COUNCIL already at the centre of controversy for awarding huge secret pay rises to senior managers is now under investigation over further preferential payments to top earners.

Thanks to all

11:21am Tuesday 29th October 2013

IT IS with a great deal of pride I write this letter, as a member of the Newbridge Environmental Group. I wish to thank the staff and children and some parents of Pentwynmawr Primary and Pant Side primary schools for their efforts and enthusiasm on recent litter-picks in both villages, it’s so reassuring to see the children taking part. Every time we go out with them they seem to be even keener than before. Thank you both schools.

Care outcry

11:16am Tuesday 29th October 2013

ACCORDING to a new report, 15-minute “flying” care visits are on the increase with patients often forced to choose between staying thirsty or using the toilet.

AM question

11:15am Tuesday 29th October 2013

THE recent report regarding more Assembly Members is predictable, while at the same damning to all those who peddled the lie that more powers would not mean more politicians.

'Rule' is sad

12:26pm Monday 21st October 2013

AS THE secretary and a trustee of (Pontymister Youth AFC) I feel the need to air my concerns regarding getting young children involved in sport. I recently wrote to three schools in the area with the aim of recruiting youngsters under the age of eight to join the club and get them involved in sport and keeping fit. Included were flyers introducing the club. As the turnout to the advertised session was poor, I contacted the schools to follow up my request. I was appalled to be told by Risca Primary School that they were unable to hand out the flyers as they could only send out literature received from Caerphilly County Borough Council. I find this hard to believe when I know pupils are sent home with requests to donate to charities, such as filling shoe boxes with gifts for children abroad. It is appalling to think that they can help such charities, yet cannot help a local charity such as Pontymister Youth by handing out flyers and help by encouraging their pupils to get involved with out-of-school activities.

Funds recovered

2:06pm Thursday 17th October 2013

ONCE again I read Cllr Dix has raised the same misinformation he peddled prior to the last council elections, when he claimed Caerphilly council under Plaid lost £15 million in the collapsed Icelandic banks in 2008.

Secrecy charge

1:36pm Wednesday 16th October 2013

IT IS very interesting to read Cllr Dix (Oct 9), he clearly fixes responsibility for Iceland essential car users allowance and holiday buy outs on Plaid Cymru and not the public servants of Caerphilly.

Unsavoury act

12:43pm Tuesday 15th October 2013

I’M GLAD to see the independent Public Services Ombudsman for Wales has decided not to take any action against pa a Plaid Cymru councillor at the centre of Caerphilly County Borough Councils’ pay scandal.

Shaping up

12:40pm Tuesday 15th October 2013

SO, THE chief executive of the NHS in Wales says, “we are in good shape” – really?

Leadership woes

11:48am Monday 14th October 2013

I CAN believe what both the leaders of Conservative and Labour have said in their recent conferences.

Bedroom tax

1:09pm Friday 11th October 2013

CAERPHILLY Against the Bedroom Tax took to the streets of the town centre to campaign against the Tory-Lib Dem Bedroom Tax, and call for its repeal.

Scary report

11:51am Tuesday 1st October 2013

MR RUTHERFORD’S report on NHS staff “facing radical changes in working life” is frankly frightening.

Cinema boost

11:59am Friday 27th September 2013

BLACKWOOD Town Council have for many years tried to secure a cinema for the residents of Blackwood and the surrounding areas, as this has always been one of the main topics of conversation when speaking to local people.

Scam warning

11:56am Friday 27th September 2013

TO ALL concerned, I lost my wallet with my driving licence in; so, I went on line to renew, clicked on DRIVINGLICENCE.UK.COM thinking I was in the DVLA, filled the form in, and then paid £70 charge. I received mail this morning and all I had was a filled in form with my details. It was not the DVLA site, but I could not get my money back, I then phoned the DVLA, who took my details and will send out my licence by mail costing £20 so please take note.

In glass houses

11:41am Thursday 26th September 2013

IT’S ONLY to be expected that now Labour controls Caerphilly council, Plaid Cymru will take every opportunity to criticise our administration, this is the natural role of any political opposition.

Join Socialists

3:18pm Wednesday 25th September 2013

Join Socialists LABOUR leader Ed Miliband pledges to increase the minimum wage to help with the cost of living. Funny there is a gap between the current minimum wage and the living wage, so why didn’t he pledge to introduce a living wage and do away with the tax credit system? He and the Labour Party know that if they were to introduce the living wage, that would result in a massive public spending increase followed by more borrowing and possible job losses within the public sector.

Labour silent

12:03pm Tuesday 24th September 2013

CLLR Nigel Dix says UK workers having seen their wages fall in real terms over the last three years. Caerphilly Council workers come in this category, but I do not see him writing in the Argus about the chief executive and his deputy plus all the 20 top bosses awarding themselves 20 per cent. This was rescinded after a public outcry. I believe that all Labour councillors should hang their heads in shame for allowing this to happen, but all you get from them is silence.

Labour pains

11:53am Tuesday 17th September 2013

THE National Health Service in Wales is in a worse situation than in England, MP Ann Clwyd has said. Ms Clwyd has been tasked with conducting a review of the NHS in England since she took a public stand about the health service following her husband Owen Roberts’ death in October. Cynon Valley MP suggests there is reluctance on the part of the Welsh Government to admit there are serious problems with the Welsh NHS.

No more empire

12:31pm Wednesday 11th September 2013

WHEN ARE our incompetent, bone-headed warmongering, egotistic Westminster wannabes going to get it through their thick skulls that Britain only plays a part in world order when it’s comfortably sat on the American President’s lap.

Appeal for information after caravan fire in New Tredegar

3:25pm Monday 9th September 2013

A CARAVAN which caught fire near a fishing lake in New Tredegar caused "considerable damage", according to Gwent Police.

Turbine fears

12:18pm Friday 6th September 2013

I WAS concerned to read that plans have been submitted for the construction of wind turbines on hill farms in Caerphilly Borough (Argus, August 30).One of the reasons given in support of the application is the need for farmers to diversify. Of course there are many other ways of doing that without spoiling the skyline with flailing blades; but none worth considering as long as there’s easy money blowing in them hills.

The living wage

12:14pm Friday 6th September 2013

CLLR NIGEl Dix likes to look back at the previous Plaid administration, but what about the Labour administration before that? When the living wage could have been introduced, during the so-called New Labour good times. Plaid is a democracy and Plaid councillors vote on personal ideas and public feedback, in other words they listen to what their voters say.

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