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    Llanmartinangel wrote:

    Llanmartinangel wrote:
    The one positive thing that could be done is to base rents in social housing on income. The union leader Bob Crow lives in a council house despite a salary of £140k. Why should taxpayers subsidise people who could afford to pay their way?
    What, you mean like council executives getting car allowances?

    As for your idea, I can kind of see the logic, and agree with you to a certain extent. That being said though, social housing is now largely a private enterprise - I'm no expert but I would guess that you can't really produce a reliable business plan or model if your income is subject to drastic change in the way you suggest.
    'What, you mean like council executives getting car allowances?'

    No I don't. They might argue that they need to recruit talent from the private sector where car allowances are commonplace (I get one myself), but I would not. And whether it's a private enterprise or not it's still mindless to subsidise some people (like Crow) from taxpayer funds when we also pay for families to live in B&Bs. Means testing is expensive but it might make sense on housing.

    Sorry, I shouldn't laugh. It's just a bit ridiculous that a Tory (apologies if I'm wrong but that's what I read you to be) is talking about how bad subsidies are. Don't you realise how hypocritical that is? Not trying to be insulting, just asking.

    You are right though, the man should give up his council house if he earns that much. Even if he has a bona fide reason for wanting to be there (maybe he was raised in the house, I don't know) don't see any reasopn why he couldn't hav e bought it by now."
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Shame on you

I DOUBT the Monmouth MP David Davies would know an impact if it hit him in the face, I see he is on the committee of MPs investigating the effects of the spare bedroom subsidy, clearly living in an extremely nice part of Wales doesn’t reflect the poorest parts of Wales and the effect it is having on a very lot of people.

But let’s see if he can give the people of Wales a straight answer to this question. The spare bedroom subsidy is to allow those in larger properties to move to smaller ones to alleviate the overcrowding of several thousand people living in cramped accommodation and we hear from other Tory MPs of children doing homework in corridors; now we hear because of the Tory policy on spare bedrooms there seem to be three-bedroom houses going begging in some parts of the country because no-one can afford them. I would like to know from the MP, will these people having been offered a three-bedroom house or a suitable property for their needs and they turn down the offer will this government impose sanctions on them as well as they are doing to the disabled and to all the other people who can’t move, and I’ll bet the answer is no, shame on you and your government.

C Davey Dylan Avenue Blackwood

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