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  • "We are NOT the Lion we used to be, Governments and the EU have been seeing to that for years, New World Order you know the MONEY men who own us.

    whatintheworld " its johnny foreigner that's keeping our nhs running, our food on the table and arguably, some of our universitys open!"

    Yes and that's where some of the faults lie, our Cultural welfare is being lost both in our Hospitals and Care Homes across the UK from foreign Cares and Nurses, Universities were in debt by over £5 million last year caused by Foreign Students not paying in full for their Education, not withstanding the false Students who come here just to work and take jobs their not entitled to at the expense of our blue collar unemployed.

    Johnny foreigner doesn't put food on my table, I buy our food with hard earned cash, in fact Johnny Foreigner does well out of our Country, £12Billion a year in unearned hand outs, while an estimated 31000 cold related deaths for our old people this winter could be reduced quite considerably with some of the Billions our Government send out of our Country in Foreign Aid.

    The whole way we live needs to be reviewed, this Country was one of the best on the planet, then we had hordes of Immigrants, businesses relied on their CHEAP unskilled labour at the cost of our blue collar workers,so did and still do the NHS, the more immigrants who come here the worse our life style declines, our CULTURES don't mix, but the Government say it's fine don't be a racist, a racist your called for wanting your Country filled with your own BRITISH born and bred and some manageable immigration as we were used too.

    To many immigrants came here in a short space of time, the latest ones just come here for the Benefits and there's more on the way in the new year, there's NO infrastructure in place to accommodate the hordes that come here, in one London Borough there are 615 pupils who can't get into infants School.

    If your denying that this Country is WELL over FULL you have your head stuck in the sand, it's not racist to love your Country....Millions have died for this....In my opinion the biggest threat this Country faces since we defeated the Nazi's is Islam...."
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Twisting the tail

I AM writing to ask you how much more damage can this bunch of clowns at Westminster inflict upon this once great country of ours.

Back in the ‘70s when PM Heath took us into the EEC, it was purely a trading block. Since then, it has become a millstone around our necks, being lorded over by the big frogs in the pond, aka France and Germany, even Spain are twisting the lion’s tail.

It’s about time our wimp of a prime minister took on the mantle of the Iron Lady and showed these Johnny Foreigners that this great country still packs a punch and that we are no pushovers when it matters.

Mr C P Robins Esq Channel View Pontymister

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