Call for peace

11:41am Friday 14th March 2014

NATO was set up as a defensive organisation at the end of the Second World War, to combat Russia’s supposed warlike intentions. Since the Cold War ended and the Berlin Wall came down, Nato has grown more and more aggressive and more warlike.

Nato is a military alliance binding Europe to the United States’ foreign policy, a foreign policy which after Iraq, and more recently Afghanistan, has become increasingly unpopular around the world. In September, 60 world leaders will meet at The Celtic Manor, Newport to continue making their war plans.

Peace activists from around the world will be flocking to Wales to make their voices heard.

If Nato thinks Wales will give them a warm welcome, they can think again – because this will be amongst the biggest protests Wales has ever seen.

Yes, the powerful will make their voices heard at the Nato summit.

But we must make sure the peaceful voice of Wales will reverberate around the world to reach those who need peace and justice.

Ray Davies Pandy Road Caerphilly


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