I’M INCREASINGLY annoyed by the constant attacks on Wales by David Cameron and the Daily Mail. Cameron constantly refers to NHS failings in Wales which he blames on the Welsh Government. Clearly he is determined to convince the electorate that socialism does not work.

It is rarely recognised that socialist policies in the shape of nationalising banks and governments worldwide bailing out banks saved the world from financial Armageddon in 2008, which was caused by light regulation and the greed and incompetence of bankers.

The NHS is over-managed, underfunded and understaffed. With rapidly increasing demand, an ageing population and less money available, the situation is reaching a crisis point. We must save the NHS by creating a service fit for the 21st century. The article in the Daily Mail about the so-called Republic of Wales was inaccurate and insulting. Its attack on the Welsh Government for nationalising Cardiff Airport was particularly annoying, especially as many of the world’s most successful airports are in public ownership.

The article ignored the fact that since nationalisation there has been an 8% increase in passenger numbers, new airlines have come to Cardiff and there are now more destinations on offer.

Bryan D Prescott Caerphilly